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Lightness of being

2012 (250/60) broken glass, nylon, plaster, acrylic, paper.

The choice of broken glass for this construction is part of a research on randomness, forms, an investigation of changing identities underlying accident, fragility, vulnerability and destruction and the struggle to reinvent oneself.  The main body of glass are hanged horizontally in an attempt to extend them and define new  possible identities.,  Creating tension and rhythm each main body of glass hangs horizontally between layers of plaster built forms held together by nylon threads. The core of the glass extend with plaster cast, papier maché or nylon construction, painted or left transparent. The new identity is playing with half-empty half-full, gender dualities, in a physical interaction between spaces and  forms.
Milan Kundera , (story)
Frank Wiczelck (struggle-pattern-random)