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Mantis Religiosa

2013 (250/140) ceramic, papier maché, plaster, silk cord, mirror, video.

The Mantis religiosa represents a mix of divine beauty and evil cruelty. Hiding behind an innocent and beautiful looking praying position the Mantis religiosa devours her partner whilst in the middle of copulating. This definition  obliterate all natural understanding of the anthropological  survival instinct of the insect.  Hunting , capturing , devouring the pray while still alive is as fundamental for the insect life as it is for human to prepare a meal and eat it.

The suspended construction consists of fragments of broken ceramic vases that come from Morocco (Fez) and Syria, covered with papier-mâché that form the elegant body of the insect. The mirrors throw back the image of human versus animal and the analogue behaviour triggered by the survival instinct.  Delicate metallic baguettes replace the predator ‘strong legs and denies the possibilities of survival. Were the limbs of the mantis always so powerful or did they develop in order to ensure her survival?  The colours and shapes of the insect mimetize with the surrounding branches and leaves. The projection of the video emphasize the daily hunting practice.