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2012-2014 (40-50/30) ceramic, nylon, plexiglass, led light, wool, Japanese paper.

Matrice is a cycle of work that investigates the structures and materials that convey the characteristics and  role of  the womb. In the female  system of reproduction the womb is an unique organ conceived to offer shelter ,nutrient and space to  the developing fertilized egg .   If organ function depends on the physical and mental state of the  person can we understand  the consequences of this dependency,  its paradox, mysteries, its relation  to  emotion, sexuality and the  survival instinct? The installations are made from white  terracotta whose forms  are a metaphor to the vaginal entrance of the womb assembled with different materials such as  wool, led light, Perspex, weaved nylon, foam, feathers, eggs. The projection of the video underline the relation between the organic and the psyche.