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In Memorium

2012 (210/65) glass , papier maché, plaster, nylon cord, ashes, mirror. video.

This installation is part of the broken vase cycle.

The dimension, shape and dark colours suggest a certain mysticism. The horizontally floating vessel could be a feluka coming down the Nile in a funeral procession but when nearer could be an urn. The Black represents spiritual death blended with the yellow that carries us back to our first earthly incarnation (R.Steiner Anthroposophic Press).The construction of this vase arose from the necessity to delimit a space in which one could acknowledge and allow bereavement to take place. To honour our dead but also to take time to reflect on our own temporality.

The large vessel hanged in space carries ashes and the mirror placed at the bottom inside the vase reflects the image of the person looking in reminding us of the inevitable conclusion of life.